Star Wars Seven

Writing/literaturePosted by Jim Baker Fri, January 01, 2016 11:03PM
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I really enjoyed the film. The one big fault I would find with it would be that there was a lack of originality - it was really well done, but well done using ideas from the existing films more than coming up with its own ones. Fault the prequel trilogy all you like, you can't deny there are a lot of new ideas in there: not necessarily good new ideas, but new ideas all the same. Pretty much everything in this new film, however, felt derivative: BB-8 was just a souped-up R2-D2; Kylo Ren was (even in-universe!) just a cheap knock-off of Darth Vader - and these were amongst the film's more original elements!

I'm not necessarily sure the lack of originality was a bad thing. Like I said, I really enjoyed the film, and lots of other people have as well. It's not a model that can last, though. This series isn't going to last very long if it's just continually rehashing old ideas.

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